Genre - Death Thrash

Location - Virginia Beach, VA

Members -

Zach Murrell, Vocals & Guitar

Daniel Bohner, Guitar

Tory Sanders, Drums


Rotten is a visceral, unrelenting force in the world of underground death metal. Their songs, as you can imagine, are bloody, violent and disturbing (at least to the uninitiated). The vocals sound like someone trying to gargle broken glass, and the music is fast and intense. An unusual aspect to Rotten is the lack of a bass player, but with the two guitarists blistering the frets with their insane tempo, you really won't notice the absence. The drums are precise and create a driving focus to thrash and mosh to. Seeing Rotten live is really entertaining. The band likes to fuck around with the crowd, and its obvious they enjoy doing what they do. I expect these guys to become legendary.

No Video....yet.